Fantastic Botany of Canary Islands

Do not miss the opportunity to see 30 drawings of the Canarian flora in a very unique way. Native plant species, such as the Canarian cardón, the pitera, the dragon tree or the palm tree, are made with mixed technique on sheets of handmade paper.

The exhibition is accompanied by sheets of drawings and scientific engravings of Canarian plants that will allow us to know the details of flowers and leaves of the plant species that have served as a model for her creator.

Lola del Castillo is a Tenerife artist sensitive to the exuberance of vegetation in which she lives every day “It is the vegetation, the one which was claiming its outer space, the one which invades my study and between paper lines it gradually becomes bush, thistle or branches which want to accommodate with their neighbour”

The arboreal drawings of this Canarian painter have nothing to do with the meticulous illustrations in botanical books. They are the result of a great creative emotion that unleashes a fantastic botany full of disturbing lines that immerse us in the mist of other times.

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