Jiri Dokoupil & Fernando Álamo, Two Artists on One canvas in Bibli

Fernando Álamo /DA
Jiri Georg Dokoupil /DA

Díaz Bertrana, Álamo (1952) and Dokoupil (1954) share a generation. That of post-conceptual artists who in the eighties of the twentieth century embodied a return to painting, to the pleasure of the trade; they vindicate subjectivity and eclecticism.

These two old friends collaborating on 12 pieces in which each one embodies their vision of art and takes a tour of its most recognizable expressions of recent years. Through a simple method –one begins the work and the other finishes it–, easy to recognize the work of Álamo or Dokoupil, which even overlap their signatures in each work. Both artists mix the rhinos of one with the bubbles of the other through a dozen pieces that can already be seen in the Santa Cruz, Canary Islands.

One of the pieces of Dokoupil / Alamo.
Oscar's Garden in Tacoronte, Dokoupil / Alamo.

Dokoupil has spent more than 20 years refining a meticulous technique through which he shapes colored bubbles that now intermingle with some of the most representative animals in Álamo’s work. . Thus, the colorful bubbles of the first meet with the rhinos or birds of the second in a game in which sometimes one or the other has more prominence but in which the piece evolves remarkably since it enters the workshop of the first. and leaves the workplace of the second.

And in that recreation, both pay tributes to the other’s works. This is the case of the painting Óscar’s garden in Tacoronte, in which Álamo makes sign of appreciation to Dokoupil’s interpretation of Cristo de Tacoronte in 1990.

Dokoupil / Álamo is, above all, an ingenious exhibition in which this collaborative way of working of two artists with totally different styles provoke the imagination of the viewer who lives for a moment in two parallel worlds, the volative of Dokoupil and the wild life of Alamo.

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One of the pieces of Dokoupil / Alamo.
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