Strokes That Permeate by Jesus Zurita

Alli sera aqui, 2020
Semblante, 2021

Visit the exhibition “Pollens” by this Spanish artistit is to immerse oneself in an unrealistic art that is entangled by a vegetation that invades the viewer and captures him by the texture and the care of detail.

Oscillating between the limits of landscape figuration and narrative abstraction, Zurita expands his pictorial universe in canvases and mural installations that allude to and in turn build a story of strangeness through simple and precise strokes, in ink and brush.

In the 12 works that make up the exhibition, the dreamlike language of this artist presents us with an inner world where the organic, the viscous and the precise geometry are mixed. All representinga staging that invites contemplation and almost allows one to perceive the silence of the forest.

Poco hueco, 2021
Wall Installation, Alli sera aqui, 2020 and Aquí será allí, 2020
No hay nadie. Necesariamente, 2021

The blue pigment recalls the copper oxide used in traditional Chinese ceramics to achieve a specific tonality and evokes an ancestral practice used to contain matter within its hollow. In No hay nadie. Necesariamente (There is no one. Necessarily), a snakelike luminous form comes face to face with another hidden in the shadows.

Pólenes (Pollens), the title chosen by Jesús Zurita for this exhibition, is, as one might expect, significant. Pollen precedes us. It travels on the oldest winds. It imbues us and invades, coming to rest in any crook of our body, allowing us no escape. It pollutes us, and yet it also nourishes us, like art itself.

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