Gauguin Portraits

From 1885 to 1903 Paul Gauguin(1848-1903) painted portraits throughout his career from Europe to South Pacific Ocean. Portraits brings together a unique and unforgettable selection of works from public and private collections around the world.

The Ancestors of Tehamana, 1893

There are more than fifty works collected by the French, between paintings, sculptures, drawings and engravings, and most of them had rarely been shown together. The main providers of the project are the Orsay Museum, the National Gallery in Washington, the Art Institute of Chicago, the National Gallery of Canada, the National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo and the Royal Museums of Fine Arts in Brussels.

Self Portrait at Lezaven, 1888
Portrait of Meijer de Haan, 1889-1890.
Woman of the Mango, 1892

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