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Playing with the inner girl

“I have a friend who” is an exuberant spatial installation that the artist Juana Fortuny has developed for the BIBLI Gallery. The installation is the artist’s house, her bed, her living room, her self-portraits on a revisited stretcher table, it is a multicolored sculpture. Multiform textiles made with different scraps, leftover pieces, possibilities that never were and will not be, discolored or garish, old-fashioned, in a wide chromatic range close to the festive, such as the carnival, the circus or the piñatas, which the artist it rescues, sews and gathers, shaping pieces that dialogue with space through its tentacles.

Juana knows that children no longer buy stickers, but she resists and continues to play at sticking ducks, hares and mousetraps on the walls, meandering through all the openings and nooks available. On the walls of Bibli you will see these cute little animals roaming freely, evoking a similar childhood that we all enjoy with stickers, stickers and stickers.


Jumping Rabbits

Textile Art as a Sculptural Entity

This spatial method reconciles the irreconcilable: weight and elevation, full and empty, consonance and unconformity, square and circle, triangle and ellipsis. His sculptures are attractive, witty, ironic, complex, playful and delicate.

The project developed by the artist Juana Fortuny pursues the recovery and visibility of textile art to dissociate it from a genuinely handmade look and endow it with a sculptural entity, to, detached from functionality, occupy the space and transform it.

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