My Story

Since 2009 my creative world took a turn towards painting and plastic arts thanks to a growing empowerment

Since I was born, the passion of my life is to capture my creative world in any medium that allows me to express it with total freedom. Nature has played a fundamental role in my  childhood. I was a little girl who played free on the field and I was an eyewitness to the change of the seasons. Art has been in my blood. I began drawing animals and sunsets, as a child. I was creative at heart, and creating art was already a passion by the time I was in my early teens. Years later, while I was working for Bankia Foundation in Madrid as cultural mediator, my coworkers encouraged me to start exhibiting my paintings and selling my art and there it all started. 

My Technique


I am watercolorist because watercolors can produce painting effects which no other medium can match to shape a dream world


I love painting with acrylic as acrylics have the most pigment, which allows for more medium manipulation and limits the color shift when mixed with other colours or after drying



When I paint nature I like to use oil because oils allow me to create greater richness of colour as well as a wide range of tonal transitions and shades.


I am in love with Chinese ink. When I come in contact with this liquid I cannot stop making infinite scribbles that come to life throughout the space.


My digital artistic work uses computer and smart phone.